Catch Up Premiums

Year 7 Catch Up Funding 2019.2020

Like the majority of schools, we receive funding from the government to provide additional support to students in Year 7 who entered the Academy with a Key Stage 2 average score of below 100 in either English or Maths.

It is vital that these identified students catch up to their peers as quickly as possible as so much of a student’s achievement across their different subjects is based on literacy and numeracy.

This money is used to provide a comprehensive support program for the identified students.

This includes:

  • Using a Literacy Curriculum Support Worker whose main responsibility is working with students who entered the Academy with a Key Stage 2 average score of less than 100 in English to have more focused guided reading;
  • Using dedicated reading time in all Year 7 English lessons in order to accelerate the rates of progress for student;
  • Using an experienced Maths teacher to work with students who entered the Academy with a Key Stage 2 Maths score of less than 100;
  • Developed a literacy and numeracy policy to develop these skills across all subject areas;
  • Researching, trialing and reviewing the impact of the Lucid program on improving student outcomes in Literacy for those students with a below 100 average in English at Key Stage 2;
  • Use dedicated days during mentoring time in order to develop students’ reading skills;
  • Use ten minutes at the start of every English lesson in Years 7 - 9 in order to improve students’ literacy skills with the support of a specialist teacher;
  • Introduce White Rose Maths to plug gaps with a specific Curriculum Support Worker working with target students;
  • Students will receive 1:1 Maths and English tutoring;

Identified students from their STAR reading tests will be invited back after school to engage in a superhero comic project to develop their reading skills.

Please see funding strategy document that includes Year 7 Catch Up Premium Income.

Please note schools no longer receive this Government funding.

Coronavirus Catch Up Premium 2020.2021

To support our students to catch up for lost teaching during the current pandemic, the DfE have allocated addition funding for specific activities in line with the curriculum expectations for the next academic year. See our Coronavirus Catch Up Premium 20.21