Our Approach to Teaching & Learning

Curriculum Intent, implementation and Impact 2020 onwards:

North Durham Academy is committed to ensuring high quality teaching and learning, and the ongoing development of teaching and learning, to ensure that all of our students are able to achieve their full potential.

Our approach is intended to ensure the following student aims are realised:

Students achieve their full academic potential as seen in the qualifications that they achieve during the course of their time at North Durham Academy.

Students develop the skills that they need to be successful learners at North Durham Academy and then beyond, becoming genuine lifelong learners and are fully prepared for the next stage of their education and employment.

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Our approach is intended to ensure the following student aims are realised:

  • Teachers are supported to be strong reflective classroom practitioners
  • Teachers focus on their own professional development in terms of their practice as a teacher.
  • Consistency in teaching and learning across all subjects.
  • Students’ prior attainment used to plan challenging lessons this includes: KS2, standardised assessments, use of assessment in lessons, and high quality teaching from Year 7 so that students can meet their target by Year 11.
  • Providing challenging lessons through the use of the Thinking Tools.
  • Build student resilience by allowing them to work things out for themselves.
  • Consistent application of the marking and feedback expectations so that students know their strengths and how to improve.
  • Well sequenced curriculum design that builds on the Key Stage 2 curriculum, meets the aims of the National Curriculum and the Key Stage 4 aims and objectives.
  • Curriculum that is consistently implemented meeting the needs of all students.
  • Religious education is taught within Life.

Since 2018, we have pursued teaching and learning developments with a view to becoming an accredited ‘Thinking School’ through The University of Exeter’s Cognitive Education Faculty by 2021. Staff have been trained on how to use the Thinking Tools in order to engage students in their learning, all new staff are trained in the Thinking School approach. Our Thinking School approach is consistent with the aims above and helps to ensure that our teachers are conscientious and reflective classroom practitioners and ensures that we set high expectations of students whilst providing appropriate support and encouragement.

We ensure that teaching and learning is always central to the way in which we operate as an Academy and this is seen in a wide variety of ways including the clear focus on the development of teacher practice in the Academy’s own CPD programme and the profile of teaching and learning across the Academy.

Our Teaching & Learning Policy can be requested from [email protected].