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Our designated Careers Lead at North Durham Academy is Rachel Graham. You can contact Rachel via email at [email protected], or via telephone 01207 292180.

Quality in Careers Standard:

North Durham Academy is currently working with Investors in Careers, to achieve the Quality in Careers Standard Bronze Award. This award monitors the progress of North Durham Academy through all of the Gatsby Benchmarks, as well as showing that the Academy is providing a quality standard of careers for all of Year 8 – 13 students, as outlined in the statutory guidance. We are currently progressing through Stage 1.

Our aim is that all our students have higher aspirations when they leave North Durham Academy and can discuss the wide range of careers and pathways which they have been given access too. We will introduce students to the world of work, and in turn, increase their motivation to learn. Attendance and behaviour will play a large part of the careers programme as students will be shown how to become exceptional learners to be ‘hired’ and progress within their careers.

We use the Gatsby Benchmarks, as well as the CDI Framework for KS3, 4 and 16+ to indicate where students have had the opportunity to access these benchmarks.

As we receive information and details of opportunities relating to careers, apprenticeships, College and University courses on a regular basis. We share this valuable information weekly on our Facebook page and website. Please see this weeks update (01.03.21) .

Please read our action plan Provider Access Policy into Practice Progamme and CEIAG Strategic Overview. Both documents link to the Ofsted Framework for Careers Education following DFE Guidance.

The Careers programme within our mentoring lessons is designed to take students through a range of different careers opportunities. In Term 1, students will consider ‘Career of the Week’ looking into different job roles, qualifications needed, salaries, skills and experience required for the role. Into Terms 2 and 3, students will have more focused tasks alongside the ‘Career of the Week’ appropriate to their year group, including World of Work, CV Writing, Destinations/Pathways, Options, Preparing for Work and Mock Interviews.

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