Student Voice & Leadership

At North Durham Academy we believe that an effective student voice is essential to nurturing responsible, collaborative and proactive young people. We have put together a student council with the aim to build a sense of community within the Academy.

We do this through numerous student voice surveys and focus groups but also students are given many opportunities to become student leaders at North Durham Academy in a number of different roles:

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Students who are part of this will collate student opinions on a variety of matters, in a respectful and formal way. This will allow students views and opinions to be heard and inform decisions. The student council will use their voice to engage and enrich the thinking and contribute to the decision making process around teaching and learning, mentoring and pastoral and whole school development. This will help to shape the day to day needs of all within the school and to plan for future needs too.

In order to collate this information student voice is collected virtually. Surveys are offered around various topics and posted via a TEAMs page all students are a part of and via Social Media. All results of student voice are shared with our Head Teacher and appropriate staff and any matters arising are addressed. This may lead to further research needed, the development of curriculum changes or the development of a project to improve the school community.

Due to the pandemic, many of the strategies that were in place prior to the first lockdown, have been put on hold.

Head Boy and Head Girl

At the start of the year, students put themselves forward for the position of Head Boy and head Girl to represent their year group.

They are appointed through a competitive application process through virtual elections. They represent the Academy's ethos of excellence and represent the Academy when required.

Year Councils

Each Year Council is made up of a number of student representatives who are responsible for raising any issues that concern their year group. The results are discussed with the Head Boy and Girl and disseminated within the meetings with Year Councils. Actions are raised in termly assemblies where appropriate.

Mental Health Ambassadors

Students elect themselves to represent this area of need in the Academy. All students involved are trained by specialists in counseling techniques to support their peers. Due to the pandemic, the strategies that were in place prior to the first lockdown, have been put on hold.

Peer Mentoring

All Year 13 students are involved in a peer mentoring programme to support younger year groups with reading and literacy skills. Due to the pandemic, the strategies that were in place prior to the first lockdown, have been put on hold.

You Said, We Did

At NDA, the opinion of our students is very important. Across the school year we offer many opportunities for students to voice their opinions and promote change in the Academy.

During the first term, the following surveys will be circulated.

  • How are you?
  • Access to Online learning
  • Student Voice – SMSC
  • Student voice achievement
  • Transition survey for Year 7
  • Year 11 Destination Survey

Please see latest You Said, We Did that were actioned January 2021