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Home to School Transport Policy Update – September 2019

As you are already aware, sometime ago our Academy Trust Board made a decision that all students who live between two and three miles from the North Durham Academy would receive free transport to and from school but would be reviewed annually.

Following an Academy Trust Board review of these arrangements, and in line with other secondary schools in our area, we can confirm  the following arrangements will be in place from September 2019:

  • Year 7 students – will continue to receive free transport from North Durham Academy

  • Years 8 to 11 students – students will be able to apply for a guaranteed concessionary seat at the reduced rate of £0.75 per day (subsidised by the Academy). Durham County Council (DCC) administers this application/payment process.

These arrangements will be reviewed annually.

Students may also qualify for free transport under Durham County Council’s Free School Travel policy if they meet one of the following criteria. If you have already applied for free transport from DCC, you do not need to reapply unless your circumstances have changed. If you do wish to apply, please complete an S20 form, available at

  • Students who live more than three miles from the Academy and who attend their nearest appropriate school will be entitled to free transport under DCC Home to School Transport Scheme. Distances from your home to the Academy are measured by DCC using the shortest available suitable walking route.

  • Students who live between two and three miles from the Academy may still qualify for free travel from DCC under Extended Rights. In order to qualify under Extended Rights your child must be either entitled to free school meals or your family must be in receipt of the maximum level of Working Tax Credit.

It is essential that all students carry their pass every day as they will be refused entry to the bus if they do not have it with them. Route and pick up information is provided on DCC’s website, at

Travel arrangements will continue to be reviewed annually and all updates will be shared with parents/carers well in advance of implementation. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Kirtley, Senior Admin Officer.

Safe Walking Routes

Safe walking route between the Academy and South Moor, Holly Hill, Quaking Houses area.

Safe walking route between the Academy and Stanley town centre.

Safe walking route between the academy and East Stanley Primary School area.

Durham County Council's Concessionary Seat Scheme

Year 7 Concessionary Seat Application Form 2019 - 20

Year 8 - 11 Concessionary Seat Application Form 2019 - 20

Concessionary Seat Guide to Parents 2019 - 20

Behaviour on School Transport

Behaviour on Home to School Transport Durham County Council Leaflet

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