Stuck for something to read? and Free Audio Books

We now have access to a new MyOn website, just for the closure period.

If you already use MyOn you can also use this site – there is no login, so it won’t track your progress and it won’t link to Accelerated Reader BUT you can type the book title into the AR website to take a quiz. That way you will still get the points for the books you have read (remember, points mean prizes!).

As with your own version of MyOn you can filter search results by Reading Level (it is called ATOS on MyOn) to make sure you are reading something that has a quiz and is at your level. Please keep using your own MyOn site as well.

If you have never used MyOn before, just click on the link to start reading. You can browse or search. It has GCSE texts as well as thousands of other books. The books are e-books, so you can read them on the screen.

Remember to read for at least 20 minutes every day (even weekends and holidays!) to make sure that your reading level stays up.

If you get stuck please email me (Helen Thompson) and I’ll get straight back to you.


Free Audio books for everyone

Listening to a book I a great way to relax. It’s also something to do to give yourself some private time in a busy household – just put those earbuds in and be swept away to another time and place.

There are lots of ways to get hold of audiobooks, Please follow this link to a series of articles and listings for free sites that are available Audio Books.

If you still think listening to a story is only for little kids, read this article (with excellent oven-glove images of the brain!):