International Women in Engineering Day

International Women in Engineering Day

Durham Energy Institute is celebrating International Women in Engineering Day on June 23rd 2020 – the theme is #ShapeTheWorld.

This is a virtual event, held on Zoom and is open to our students and staff on a first come first served basis. There will be a fascinating panel discussion with inspirational female role models from the industry and four panellists will each give a brief five-minute presentation on why they chose to study engineering and their current research, their career being a woman in the Energy Industry or as someone who has worked alongside Engineers to promote engineering as a force for positive change in our society; then answer students questions in a live Q&A session.

Covering every area of engineering from support services to heavy machinery, human and societal engineering issues and many disciplines, including environmental and geothermal engineering, the subjects under discussion are intended to encourage your students to consider a career path in engineering at many levels. The panel will be moderated by Dr Joanna Berry, DEI Co Director for Business, Enterprise and Innovation and questions from the audience will be welcomed and encouraged either before or at the event.

If you would like to register for the panels, please follow the links below or contact Lynn Gibson on for more information.

KS4 panel link –

KS5 panel link -