Speakers for Schools Online May Talks

Tuesday 19th May Talks

Join Robert Peston from ITV for an online talk about his life as Political Editor at ITV at 10 am, followed by Kathrina Mannion, Director at BP at 2 pm. Kathrina will discuss her role within one of the world’s largest oil companies, as well as her previous role as an advisor for the UK Government. Both talks are well worth watching to hear about the career stories of some particularly influential people!

Wednesday 20th May Talks

Join Dr Maria Faraone, Director of the Royal Institution of British Architects at 10 am who will discuss the question ‘What does an Architect do?’ At 2 pm, David Dein, Former Chairman of Arsenal Football Club and the FA will talk about the great success of the premier league and how you can be successful. These talks are definitely not ones to miss!

Thursday 21st May  Talks

Join Peter Mather, Vice President at BP at 10 am to discuss how we can reduce our carbon emissions, since we’re expected to have another 2 billion people in the world by 2040! At 2 pm, Tom Dore, Head of Education at the British E-Sports Association will be discussing how young people can get into the sports sector, including some up and coming opportunities.

For more information, please contact Mr Bourne on [email protected]

URL for the talks: https://vimeo.com/418436143

URL for the full info of up coming talks: https://www.speakersforschools.org/inspiration/vtalks/upcoming-vtalks/

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