Students have been discussing bullying during tutor time and one of our students has written a very powerful poem that they would like to share with our local community.




A five letter word for pain you would not believe.

For bruises parents never see.

For scars that may never leave.

For thoughts that make it hard to breath.


Bullying is never right.

It is not kind or justified so

Join my side to

Declare to the unaware and the blind that this is the time.


I call to you through rhyme if

You see such a crime show it the light.

Tell the right people and those in the dark can again shine bright.


We know you hurt and we know you’re not ok.

But if you need help, then there no better time to speak out than today.


For any student who requires support please speak to a member of staff you feel comfortable talking to, such as your Tutor, Year Manager or any Safeguarding lead (see posters around the Academy).


Additionally, you can call the National Bullying helpline on 0845 22 55 787.