North Durham Academy achieves the BIG Award

North Durham Academy has recently achieved the Bullying Intervention Group Award.  The Bullying Intervention Group runs a National award scheme to recognise excellence in bullying intervention.

Staff and students have worked hard to achieve the BIG Award and have successfully implemented new strategies to improve our work against tackling bullying.

An extensive portfolio was produced outlining how North Durham Academy is tackling the very important issue of anti-bullying.  Here is a short account of the types of things we are doing to STAND UP TO BULLYING.

An updated Anti Bullying policy has been produced and our Peer Mentors are currently working hard to produce a student friendly version which will be accessible for all students, staff and parents.  Alongside our updated and improved Anti Bullying Policy, our Peer Mentors have launched a competition for our lower year groups to design an anti-bullying logo which will be added to our policy front page. 

Our newly formed group of Peer Mentors consisting of Year 8 and 9 have been busy behind the scenes attending training around becoming Anti-Bullying Ambassadors.  This training was delivered by The Diana Award and students spent a full day liaising with other Durham schools to gain new and exciting ideas on how we can all stand up to bullying.  The Peer Mentors have since been working hard producing a programme of events for the next academic year and are really excited to support staff and students.

The Academy has formed an Anti-Bullying Focus Group which meets termly to discuss how we as an Academy can tackle and promote anti-bullying.  The group consists of staff, students and parent governors.   Our first meeting focused on analysing a survey that was carried out by both parents and students to establish individual’s thoughts on how we currently tackle bullying.  This gave us a benchmark on where we needed to focus our priorities.

Peer Mentors are keen to continue their efforts in promoting the anti-bullying message. They will do this by delivering assemblies, organising half termly events, attending Parents’ Evenings, Open Evenings and supporting in transition events for our new students joining us in September.  The Peer Mentors are also enthusiastic in training staff and fellow students around recognising the different types of bullying.

Following the announcement from the Bullying Intervention Group, our Director of School, Dr Gary Ankers responded,

"As a parent, I know how important this issue is. Fundamentally, all children have the right to attend school and feel safe, and this award demonstrates our commitment to anti-bullying. However, this is just the starting point and we hope to become a leading Academy in anti-bullying work and will look to promote this within the wider community and work in partnership with other local schools to raise awareness."

Well done and a huge congratulations to all of those who have been involved in the process of us achieving this National Award.

As always, if any parent/carer would like to find out more information about what we do, please contact the Academy and a member of our pastoral team will be happy to assist.

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