Stay Curious in the Snow - Science Project


Questions to research get more challenging as you move down... see how many you can do! Catch a snowflake on a dark piece of paper and photograph it. Hand in completed work to your teacher and achievement points will be awarded. Stay Curious!

Key Stage 3

  • Why have the water molecules around us changed from liquid to solid? (KS3)
  • Why did Wilson Bentley hold his breath whilst photographing the snowflake?
  • Draw your snowflake and explain how it was made.

Key Stage 4

  • What causes water molecules to settle in to the shape of a snowflake? (KS4)
  • How does the energy of the particles of water change as it changes state?
  • Apply your knowledge of the specific latent heat of fusion to this phenomenon. 
  • Is it possible to find two identical snow flakes?

Key Stage 5

  • How do the random structures of a snowflake form as energy is lost due to temperature changes? (KS5)
  • How does the isotope of Deuterium lead to further difference in Snowflakes? 
  • Discuss the changes in pressure exerted from the water molecules as the snow changes state - what issues or weather changes could this lead to?