District Champions!

The U-16 Futsal team dominated Oxclose in the final of the U-16 District Futsal Final. NDA were relentless in their pursuit of victory, giving Oxclose no time on the ball and pressing expertly from the front. Retention of possession was 2nd to none throughout as NDA probed and passed, carving out chance after chance in a fashion reminiscent of Barcelona in their heyday.

A special mention must first go to the Oxclose goalkeeper who rebuffed chance after chance with some excellent shot stopping and the team as a whole who played right on the edge without ever allowing things to boil over. Star men for NDA were impossible to pick out as every member of the team contributed huge skill and energy throughout.

Huge kudos to the whole team who have achieved an incredible amount so far this season and have gone from a laughing stock in school football circles in the lower school to district champions by Y11, showing just what can be achieved through hard-work, discipline and persistence; the boys play futsal daily and their progress is no accident!




Ethan Rimington      10       Some interesting but effective goalkeeping at times kept his team in the game

Ethan Hunter            10       An incredibly skilful and disciplined performance from the teams anchor man

Josh Gibson              10       Boundless energy throughout. The year groups quickest developing player

Jay Gibson                 10       Power and poise allied to skill; a great performance, providing steel when required

Cameron Foreman   10      Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee could've been written for him



Jay Gibson          1

Ethan Hunter     2

Josh Gibson        2

Cameron            3