Holocaust Memorial Day


Thomas Barnaby, Josh Kotze, Paige Toole, Caitlin Millmore and Nieve Lennox

Five students from Year 10 represented the Academy fantastically during a recent visit to Durham Cathedral to take part in Holocaust Memorial Day. As part of the experience students were offered a unique opportunity delivering a series of short workshops to students from other schools in the area and beyond. When delivering and discussing the exhibition Porrajmos Through the Eyes of the Children, though the topic was sombre and at times upsetting, the students acted sensibly and maturely throughout and made a wonderful contribution to the event.

Mr Joni Stidwell, Education Equalities Team Leader commented  "The young people at NDA have impressed at a huge event within Durham Cathedral for Holocaust Memorial Day 2018. The students were trained as peer guides by the Durham County Council Equalities and Gypsy, Roma Traveller Education team. They became guides using the Porrajmos exhibition for the morning, educating other young people from Durham schools aged from Year 8-Year 10. The exhibition encourages reflection upon the persecution of Gypsy and Traveller families and uses the Second World War as a focus. As workshop leaders they encouraged other young people to reflect upon racism and prejudice, and challenged myths and stereotypes around Gypsies and Travellers. The students delivered this in a sensitive manner and demonstrated some excellent presentation and questioning skills. Durham County Council are extremely proud of the work these young people have carried out and hope the school are just as proud."


Porrajmos flyer  for schools



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