Royal Society's Children's Book Prize Judging Process

This year, we have had the privilege and pleasure of taking part in the judging process for the Royal Society’s Children’s Book Prize.

We received the six shortlisted books, chosen by a panel of Science specialists - in order to read them and decide which one is the best at communicating science to young people. We looked at the style of book, the layout, the use of colour, the language used and the readability. We also gave our own opinions on the differing age ranges the books would appeal to.  Some were more fun than others!

Only two schools from our area, were selected from three hundred schools/science groups, to form a judging panel for this prestigious task, so we count ourselves very fortunate!

Our  group of five Year 10 students have been hard at work, critiquing the shortlisted books and discussing  their findings, over the last five months .

We voted for win (sorry, we can’t divulge which book, it’s top secret!)

There’s a display about the books and the judgements of our students in the LRC.

Our wonderful judges were:

Olivia Bell,

Liam Dobinson,

Lauren Fullerton

Harry Hunt

and Bethany Martin

Well done to all, you are a real credit to yourselves, your families and the Academy!

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