Our new Year 7s are very smart in their new grey uniforms!

We interviewed the first of the new arrivals on Tuesday morning. Some of the questions we asked were:  how they felt last night, how they were feeling now they had arrived and what their families said when they saw them in their uniforms, ready for the big day.

Bethany Stewart- ‘I couldn’t sleep, I was more nervous than excited, I feel better and more settled now. My Mam said she wished she could be here to see me coming into school!’

Bethany Henderson- ‘I wasn’t too nervous, more excited really. I feel good now I’m here! My family looked at photos of me on my first day at primary school and compared them to me today, it was embarrassing!’

Jake Brunton-‘ I wasn’t scared last night and went straight to sleep but when I got up this morning, I felt nervous, I’m okay now though. My Mam said I looked very smart in my new uniform!’

Amy Wilkinson- ‘I tried to get to sleep last night but I kept waking up, checking everything was in my bag. I’m a bit nervous, I have butterflies in my tummy, I’m scared I’ll get lost!

Mia Adamson- ‘ I was very nervous, I think I woke up every hour and checked the time on my phone! I feel fine now though.’

Rhys Barrisford- ‘ I had no bother sleeping, I’m calm now too. I’m looking forward to meeting new friends’

Callum Dodds and Ronnie Allaker, all said they were a bit nervous about getting lost today but were excited to meet lots of new people and make friends.