NDA Dance students perform at Durham Gala Theatre

Well done to our Year 9 and 10 dance students who performed yesterday at ‘Feet First’ secondary dance school showcase at Durham Gala Theatre.

Year 10 students performed a contemporary dance piece exploring the beauty of all women beyond physicality and Year 9 students performed a street dance exploring how arrogance can be preserved by an audience.

The event was created by Education Durham to present an evening of dance pieces to celebrate the achievements of talented and creative dancers within our County Durham Secondary Schools and community linked dance groups.

Stefanie Emmerson, PA to Senior Leadership Team at Parkside Academy said, “I just want to say how impressed I was with last night’s performance by North Durham Academy in the Feet First event at the Gala.

"All performances were good by all schools, but your schools performance at the end of first half was extremely pleasing to watch.

"Your pupils looked like they have been doing dance for years. Their energy and enthusiasm was 100% throughout their performance. Well done to staff and all pupils involved".

Year 10 Dancers useYear 9 Dancers

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