Mock Trail 2017

Mock trail is a competition where students from Years 8 & 9 participate in a ‘mock trial’ and take on roles of defence and prosecution lawyers, usher, legal adviser, witnesses and magistrates and compete in a real court, against other schools from the north east. This year the competition was held at Newcastle crown court, which was an amazing opportunity for both participants and mentors.

In preparation for the competition our team worked hard and were dedicated to their assigned roles. Our team was also good at teamwork and were good at adapting and learning their roles, the children were also great at coming up with questions and advising each other how to answer the question asked and what questions to ask. However, the main challenge we faced was confidence, as a team we were confident and were loud in projecting our ideas and thoughts, although individually the children lacked confidence in themselves and were sometimes shy when answering questions. By the end of rehearsals, we had overcome this and the children eventually spoke with a loud, clear confident voices and ultimately had confidence in themselves and in the answers, they were giving/asking.

On the day of the competition, our team was nervous and felt apprehensive towards the day ahead as we were one of the first schools competing. After the first round our team grew with confidence and were excited for the next round. In the next round our team was amazing and had answered excellently and had interrogated the opposing team amazingly. After that round our team felt good about the competition and had felt that they had done well, in which they had.

Mock trial for this year had been very good and was enjoyable for the children and for others that had participated, with many children who took part in it this year, are wanting to take part in it next year and are already looking forward to it. 

Witten by Rebecca Dodds, Sixth Form

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