Inter Academy Mathematical Challenge – Fifth Series w/c 13th March 2017

This week sees the fifth series of the Consett Academy vs North Durham Academy Inter School Mathematical challenge using the internet program mymaths (

The competition is based on the game Times-It-Out where students carry out under a strict time limit of three minutes as many mental multiplication questions to produce the target number given at random by the computer, selecting the single digits which multiply together to make that number, i.e. their factors. The winner is determined by the person who completes the most calculations in the limited time whilst leaving the minimum number of digits on the game board.

At the end of day three, we have a swing in the leaderboard with nine students from Consett overtaking yesterday’s leader from NDA in the 5th NDA vs Consett M Maths Times It Out ( challenge.


We have two days left till the end of the challenge at 7.30pm on Friday 17th March. May the real challenge commence!!

Students can take part in the academy and outside by emailing a screenshot of their highest score to from their academy email address to record their score.

Any further information about this or any other aspect of maths at either academy can be obtained from the NDA maths helpline and your query will be directed to the appropriate person.

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