Poet Simon Armitage hosts poetry workshop at NDA.

IMG_1457Renowned poet Simon Armitage hosted a workshop at North Durham Academy today for Year 11 students studying his poetry in GCSE English classes.

Year 11 students from Consett Academy and Greenfield Community College also visited the academy to attend the workshop.

In his talk, Simon read poems from his large library of work spanning the past 30 years, giving students insight into the inspiration and backstory to his poems.

Poems ranged from ‘Remains’ a poem about a soldier returning from the Gulf War with PTSD, to 'The Clown Punk’ a story of an old punk rocker who is covered in tattoos.

Students were then given the opportunity to ask Simon questions about his work for the second half of the workshop.

Questions asked by students often referred to why he used certain words in his poetry and what techniques he incorporated.

The academy would like to thank Simon Armitage for talking to students today, as well as the students who attended the workshop.


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