Holocaust Memorial Day Student Poems

09-HMD-logo-no-keyline-copyHolocaust Memorial Day was created on 27 January 2000, when representatives from 46 governments around the world met in Stockholm to discuss Holocaust education, remembrance and research. At the end of this meeting, all attendees signed a declaration committing to preserving the memory of those who have been murdered in the Holocaust. This declaration became the statement of commitment which is still used as a basis for HMD activities today. The date was chosen as it is the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

Every year, some of our students study the Holocaust and the subsequent atrocities then produce powerful, poignant poems and creative writing to form the basis of our annual Holocaust Memorial Day atrium display. The work is also used in assemblies throughout the week. This year, some of our Year 7 girls decided to send the poem they were inspired to write, to the patron of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales!

Student Poems

Auschwitz by Ellie Lowery, Drew Sayers, Malik Scott and Hermione Tulip Year 7

Auschwitz by Morgan Bolton, Hope Dunn and Jodi Johnson  

Darfur By Cody Potter Year 9

Iby Knill by Naeve Renforth, Emma Selwood and Alysha Young Year 7

Incredible by Cameron Bromley, Joseph Elliot, Jessica Johnson and Jaidan Malpass Year 8

Khmer by Michael Newman, Bethany Ramm and Kyron Scott Year 10

Lice by Gabrielle Dixon, Josh Hornsby and Brandon McSkelly Year 9

Lifeless by Kyrin Curtis, Paige Maddison, Joana Temperley and Nikki Wright Year 8

Nicholas Winton was an ordinary man by Surapet Puphuak Year 7

Auschwitz by Kieran Allaker, Matthew Jordan and Jay Sutton Year 8















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