Our New Principal

I have recently been given the rare privilege of leading two academies, Consett and latterly North Durham.

Over the last two months I have seen for myself the passion and commitment from both the students and staff; we are all focused on improving standards. We have a renewed aspiration to ensure all our young people achieve their potential regardless of their ability.

My abiding passion is for all students to be nurtured as uniquely talented individuals, finding fulfilment through their learning and the development of their intellectual, creative, physical and emotional capabilities.

We aim for our students to develop moral integrity and become responsible global citizens. We aim to instill values in our students such as aspiration, achievement and confidence. We therefore encourage them to develop a strong sense of responsibility towards each other and to those beyond their immediate community.

The pursuit of academic excellence is crucially important, but the learning experience for North Durham Academy students is not confined to the classroom. We are fully committed to the idea of an all-round education where personal development is valued as well as examination success. Learning should be at the heart of everything that a school does and, from the moment students arrive in Year 7, they will be encouraged to think critically about the world in which they live, to be innovative in their thinking, responsive to each others’ needs and to express their ideas in a range of imaginative ways.

The educational experience at North Durham Academy brings change, challenge and opportunity: a student’s personal response to these goes a long way to determining their quality of life after leaving school. We wish to inspire our young people and those who work here seek to fulfil the potential of all participants in our unique educational community.

I am proud of our students and if you take the opportunity to come and meet us I believe you will see why. Don’t wait for a formal Open Event, every day is an Open Day.

K Reynolds Signature

Kevin Reynolds

Acting Principal

January 2017

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