GoMotorsport Presentation

IMG_1308North Durham Academy welcomed Peter Metcalfe from GoMotorsport today to talk to students about all the fantastic opportunities available for young people within the world of motorsport.

Opportunities include competing in a variety of races, becoming co-drivers, working on the cars, volunteering at motor events and getting involved in local motor clubs.

The talk encouraged students to get involved by showing how easy and cheap it can be to get involved in motor sports and what opportunities can arise for those who are passionate about the sport.

Peter also talked about how he would like more women to get involved in the sport because it is one of the few sports in which Women can compete on an equal playing field with men, motorsport is not a gender specific sport.

There are over 50 thousand people in full time jobs working in the motor sports industry here in the UK, some of which are local to the academy.

Such as M-sport based at Whitehaven, which is currently undergoing a large scale expansion and building of a test track which many leading manufactures will be utilising. Motorsports in the UK is a 9 Billion Pound industry, with around 5000 motor events a year. 

Peter was joined by his friend Phil Morton the technical advisor on Wheeler Dealers and founder of PM Motor Sports, who showed students his Fiat Cinquecento rally car, explaining the mechanics and safety features of the car.

Phil also talked with students about how he got involved in the industry and how he started building and fixing cars at a young age.

Any students wishing to learn more about motor sports or get involved should visit: http://www.gomotorsport.net/ and/or become a member of Whickham and District Motor Club.

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