French exchange students visit the academy

Students at North Durham Academy welcomed French exchange students this week from Collège Jean Moulin.

The students have been exploring the history of the North East and World War One by visiting Durham on Tuesday and Beamish on Wednesday.  They spent Thursday taking part in a variety of WW1 themed workshops at the academy.

The exchange visit aims to increase the French Students understanding of British history in relation to World War One and also to help improve their English language skills.

Kaycie Welsh and Sarah Seymour (both NDA students) said "We got to explore Durham Cathedral and castle with the French students and we took them on the trams at Beamish. We also completed a workshop to have a better understanding of the war in 1914 and went down a mine."

"Showing the students the academy was fun and we took part in a variety of workshops, took the French students to class and toured them around the academy building. The students told us that they were really impressed with the school and our uniform."



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