Year 7 Castle Project

Year 7 students at North Durham Academy have been building castles as part of a History project to learn more about Motte and Bailey castles.

The castles were designed and created in the student’s own time, with each student coming up with their own unique style and build layout.

Each castle design uses its own unique range of building materials, with some students even building castles in the form of a cake.

Student Honey Welsh said "I had fun designing and building my castle, but it was hard to do. I am really happy with my finished castle though."

Student Leon Burgess said "Building the castle was really fun and we have been studying Motte and Bailey castles in class, which gave me lots of ideas for how to build my castle."

Student Molly Ruddick said "We had anything we could find at our disposal when building our castles, it was really fun and arty."

All students who took part in the project have been entered into a competition and the winner will be decided on Friday 18th.

We wish all students who took part the best of luck in the competition.


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