The Wood Pile's School Upcycle Programme

Year 10 Students at North Durham Academy are currently working on the School Upcycle Programme.

The programme is aimed at students to help them gain an insight into the world of work and is funded by The Wood Pile Community Interest Company.


Students as part of The Wood Pile's programme are split into two groups and provided with a budget in which they are to purchase a piece of used furniture.

They are then tasked with redesigning the furniture and then coming up with a marketing strategy to sell the redesigned furniture to the general public once the furnisher is finished.


It is the responsibility of the group to sell the furniture for a profit through public relations and marketing the product on social media.  

Both groups are currently still working on redesigning their selected furniture and hope to begin the promotion of their product to the general public soon.

For more information on the School Upcycle Programme please visit:



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