Year 7 students share their thoughts on 1st day

We spoke with Year 7 students as they arrived at the academy last Monday. Here is what they had to say:

Abbie Graham,
I was a little bit worried when I went to bed last night but excited as well. My favourite subject is English. I’m looking forward to seeing the new friends I made at Summer School and during transition. I’m so excited!

Keira Brown,
I went straight to sleep last night but when I got up this morning I was a bit excited and nervous when I put my uniform on. My favourite subject is maths and I am looking forward to meeting more new friends and doing new activities. I loved transition and Summer School.

Corey Daglish,
I met loads of new friends during transition and at Summer School. When I went to bed last night, I lay awake for a little while because I was scared but excited. I love Maths and am looking forward to meeting all my new teachers and making new friends.

Peyton Henderson,
I felt nervous but happy when I went to bed last night. I stayed awake about a half an hour. When I put my uniform on this morning, my mam said I looked smart and I felt very grown up. I love P.E. I do Mixed Martial Arts and football. I also like Maths and Literacy. I didn’t go to Summer School so I am looking forward to making new friends now and having more people to chat with.

Kai Johnson,
I couldn’t sleep for an hour when I went to bed last night because I was nervous. My favourite lesson is Maths. I’m looking forward to meeting my new teachers, making loads of new friends and taking advantage of everything the Academy has to offer!


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