MAD day at Newcastle University

On 23rd May a group of year 9 students attended a MAD day at Newcastle University. The aim of the day was to raise aspirations and give students a taste of university life whilst experiencing the study of medicine and dentistry.

The day began with students gathering in a large lecture theatre to learn about careers in medicine and some of the specialisms available.This was followed by a practical session where students had the opportunity to practice skills required for surgery and ear examinations. After lunch a practical session for dentistry allowed students to make model teeth, explore the jaw bones of various animals and check their own oral hygiene!


Amber "I enjoyed making the resin tooth."

Matthew "the medicine practicals were fun."

Emily "I enjoyed it all but the dentistry part was my favourite."

Josh "I found out the different jobs that doctors are involved with."

Sam "I enjoy espy the keyhole surgery practical, I used the instruments and camera to stack six sugar cubes."



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