Year 8 student Megan Bainbridge Wins National Boxing Championship.

Last week North Durham Academy student Megan Bainbridge became England’s number one boxer for her age and weight when she won her first national title at the National Boxing School Championships.

The competition took place in London and consisted of 57 fights spanning over 2 days.

This is Megan’s second medal this season after she excelled winning gold medal in the world’s largest all female boxing competition which took place in Sweden last November.

Megan’s father Paul Bainbridge said “We have high hopes of her been selected to box for her country, she is well on the pathway to this, and one day myself and her coaches think Olympic bound. She is a very dedicated athlete and has 100% put everything into the sport that she loves and at the moment her hard work is paying off with the awards, trophies, and national recognition she is receiving.”


Megan started boxing approximately 2 1/2 years ago and from very early on her coaches, Alex Oliver and Simon Patterson knew, she had something special. She was far more advanced than any of the other girls and boys her age in the gym. They decided to take her out of the rookie class and put her directly into the main class, which is where her competitive journey began.

She currently trains four days a week at Brandon Boxing Club on the outskirts of Durham, on her three days off from training at the gym she allows herself to have one rest day and on the other two she goes for runs. Up to now Megan has had 14 competitive bouts winning 10 which is a marvellous return of wins for her.

She has recently been selected to box for our whole region in Hull that takes place on 24th June till 26th June.

On the 1st July Megan hopes to compete in Ireland in the prestigious Monkstown cup. Well Done Megan !


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