We Will Remember Lest We Forget

On 11 November we held a Remembrance Service for our Year 7 students. We were lucky to have members of the Consett British Legion and army cadets attend the service, making it all the more memorable and poignant. The service was broadcast around the academy for all students. Following the service Year 7 and invited guests moved through to the Theatre for a performance by students titled Forgotten Voices.

Forgotten Voices

This year’s Remembrance production was performed by year 10 musicians and actors and year 11, 12 and 13 dancers. It focused on the theme of ‘Forgotten Voices’ how it is so easy to forget the individuals involved in warfare when tens of millions of people died. The play told just one story of what life was like for a young boy ‘Archie’ and his family living in World War One, and explored what life was like in the war for soldiers, women and children. The finale to Coldplay’s ‘Fixed You’ showed NDA students remembering all the Forgotten Voices of the war.

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