Future Business Magnates 2014-15

The following Year 8 students took part in the Future Business Magnates competition involving 26 schools around County Durham:

Amy Passmoor

Matthew Burgess

Paige Liddle

Chloe Walker

Melissa Walker

Alannah Shaw

Morgan Hutchinson

Abbie Redhead

Bobbi Pearson

Lexy Pratt

The competitors had to complete six tasks relating to running a small business and developing a new product. The brief was to find a ‘new use of light’. Our students developed a visible smoke alarm that illuminates fire exits, doors or windows during a house fire, to help people escape. They developed LED lights that would shine through smoke without defusing too much. Experimentation using different coloured lights resulted in the conclusion that blue lights were the most suitable.

The other tasks included finance, legal structure and developing company names, logos and strap-lines. NDA’s company was ‘Passmoor Industries’; the product name was ‘FIRE GUIDE’ and strap-line was ‘LIGHT YOUR WAY’.