Year 11 students to present Willowburn Hospice with a cheque

Our Year 11 students presented Katherine Cooper from the Willow Burn Hospice with a cheque for £663 on Thursday, 11 June.

In January 2014, the then Year 10, students decided that they would start their own weekly raffle. The students decided the money raised would be for a local charity and chose Willow Burn Hospice, who they knew had supported relatives and family friends in the past.  Each week together with their Year Manager, Mrs Hindle, the students raffled a ‘Goodie Box’, made up of sweets, biscuits and drinks.  The students then carried this raffle over into Year 11 and by Easter this year the year group had raised £663.00.

The amount Year 11 have raised is particularly impressive as Willow Burn Hospice is not the academy’s chosen charity this year.

Janet Hindle, Year 11 Year Manager said ‘’I thought at first the raffle may be short lived, however it became a weekly ritual and something the students looked forward to, many donating more for the cause than the actual raffle prize, such caring and thoughtful students who I am ever so proud of.’’

David Thornton, Principal said “I am so proud of how our students and the amount that they have raised for the Willow Burn Hospice. They are a great year group and this is typical of them, showing compassion for others and a desire to help. They are a credit to themselves and their families.’’

Katherine Cooper, Income Generation and Marketing Manager, Willow Burn Hospice said “the support shown by the students is amazing and shows the local community spirit dedicated to Willow Burn Hospice.

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