Kevan Jones MP meets our sixth formers

Kevan Jones MP popped in to meet our sixth formers who have worked with Durham County Council and the campaign group Bite The Ballot to launch a campaign to try to persuade their fellow teenagers to use their vote.

As part of the campaign they have worked with Bite The Ballot to produce a short film, encouraging other young people to register to vote in time for the General Election, which was launched at the academy on 28 January 2015.  The film shows first-time voters how to get involved in the democratic process.

Mr Thornton, the Principal of North Durham Academy said: “It is great to see young people getting involved in the political process. I am delighted that they feel strongly about the issues of the day and want to make this country a better place for themselves and their children. Too many are apathetic about politics and cynical about politicians, perhaps on occasion, with good reason! However, we tell our students that the right to vote is a hard won privilege and should not be taken for granted. If you want to have your say – vote! Stand up for what you believe in. That is what being an active citizen is all about.”

David Collingwood, the council’s electoral services manager, said: “Traditionally voter turnout amongst people aged 18 – 24 is low and we wanted to play our part in helping to address that. By working with Bite The Ballot and this group of fantastic students we hope young people will understand that they must register individually to vote in this year’s General Election and that they will be inspired to do just that. The students should be very proud of what they have helped to achieve and I have every hope they will make a difference.”

The film produced by the students will be at the heart of a campaign by Durham County Council to increase the number of young people registering to vote and taking part in the democratic process.

The video is available online

Students can register to vote online, as long as they have their national insurance number, via

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