House Chess

The 2014 Inter-House Chess Tournament began very positively, with over 20 students entering on the first day of competition. Most students had a good understanding of the rules and were able therefore to go straight into competitive matches. The few students that weren’t, however, were given one-to-one tutelage, which was merely in place to remind them of the basic rules and simple strategy.

The competition was in full flow by week two, where we saw those who had experience of the game - namely Matthew Lovett (Y9) and Daniel Hume (Y7) - quickly rise to the top, manoeuvring their Queens, alongside their Bishops, at the early stages of the game to find checkmate at the top of the board. Less experienced students quickly became wise to this strategy and adapted their strategy rapidly in future games. Liam Turnbull in Year 8, in particular, had had no prior experience of the game, quickly came through the ranks.

The numbers of students taking part each week remained very consistent, which was in part down to the efforts of Head of House and House Captains in maintaining interest and checking on the progress of their students. Towards the end of the tournament some of the elite players had the opportunity to play against Mr Raymond who commented 'Though I’m not exactly a Grandmaster, these students took it very close to a win. The talent on show was greatly impressive!'

The results were as follows:

1st Place

2nd Place

3RD Place

4TH Place

5TH Place

Bamburgh- Daniel Hume (7.4)

Warkworth- Matthew Lovett (9.1)

Barnard- Nathan Altoft (7.6)

Lumley- Liam Turnbull (8.4)

Alnwick- Adam Miller (8.8)


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