Duck Day

On 13 & 14 November Year 8 students took part in Duck Day with the Durham Education Business Partnership.    Students made…..yes you have guessed  DUCKS!  The aim of the event is to prepare students for the world of work, and to learn about employability skills, and working to deadlines.

The students were given a task to do working over 5 days of the week which involved making ducks. Working in groups students had to make up a name for their company and form a production team including a Manager, a buyer, a seller and an accountant. They were given a start-up loan, and had to buy the resources they would require and had to sell ducks to make a profit. Students had to make plans as to think how the market might sell and have ducks of all sizes and designs in stock.

Ambassadors from local employers including Durham County Council, Northumbrian Water, N Power, and St Cuthberts Hospice helped at the event and were very impressed with some of the students negotiating skills.

MrsCowper, CEIAG (Careers Education, Information, Advice &Guidance) commented 'This was a brilliant event. All students took an active part and really enjoyed themselves.'

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