Anti bullying Week Poems

Sometimes days can get really rough

When a wheelchair or prosthetic limb isn’t enough to stop

Demeaning comments that are ‘only a joke’

Which hopeless replies just seem to further provoke

Emotions are low, deep in despair

Looking for someone, anyone to care

Negative days like this make life hard

Leaves me feeling emotionally scarred

Thoughtless bullies make me feel small

Because it makes them feel clever and tall

By Kirstin Hutton


Stop bullying NOW!

Talk to someone if you are getting bullied

Or else the bullying will never stop

Parents will be contacted


Bullies are nasty, hurtful people

Unless you tell someone, you’ll be bullied more

Leave people alone, it’s not nice to bully

Lives can be ruined by bullies

I wish there was no such thing as bullying

Nobody should ever get bullied

Give everybody respect!

By Kyron Scott


Why target me?

So what? I’m a bit different!

What gives you the right

To call me names

And mess up my life

What have I ever done to you?

You don’t know what I’m going through

I’m a ‘different’ person in your eyes

Little do you know, I’m on the verge of suicide…

By Jaye Grenfell and Abigail Bell


To My Tormentor

Am I really THAT bad?

None around me really know

That my struggle is as hard

In my mind, a jumble of letters

But work was never this hard

Until my mind collapsed

Letting my fears grow

Lowering my confidence and self-esteem

You can have no

Idea the damage you are causing

Now that I’m finished here

Go away, grow up and consider what you’ve done!

By Liam Wallace

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