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  • Year 9 Interfaces

    Year 9 Interfaces
    19th July 2019

    This year the year 9 students having been learning user Interfaces. They have applied their knowledge and skill to research, design and create their own user interfaces. Erin wrote a fantastic report that explored how different interfaces effectively meet the design principles and user needs. She demonstrated a sound understanding and enthusiasm for the subject. Well done Erin! Levi created an interface for an app for a local gym. He even designed his own logo and demonstrated excellent skills in using different software to create a fully effective interface. Well done Levi! – Miss Smales Read More

  • Year 8 Art Assessments

    Year 8 Art Assessments
    19th July 2019

    Last week we uploaded some amazing examples of Year 8 assessment work focussed upon tonal shading, proportion, texture and mark-making skills. I went back this week to see some more final pieces Miss Metcalfe and Miss Thompson wanted me to look at and recognise due to the great work our students have produced. I wanted to share these with our local community to showcase some of the amazing talent we have here at NDA! Mr Powley, Year 8 Achievement Leader Read More

  • Year 8 Art

    Year 8 Art
    15th July 2019

    Year 8 brought together all they have learnt throughout the year on tonal shading, proportion, texture and mark-making skills. Using the grid method, students learnt how to enlarge in stages. Overall, there has been some superb work produced - Miss Metcalfe. Read More

  • Greenpower F24 project

    Greenpower F24 project
    15th July 2019

    As part of the Greenpower F24 race, Croft circuit welcomed North Durham Academy’s engineering students. This was an inaugural race event for NDA, that enabled our engineering and motor vehicle students to engage with the build and race of their car. Read More

  • Lets "Hangout"

    Lets "Hangout"
    10th July 2019

    Year 7 and Year 9 students have been working with Stanley Police to create the ‘Hangout’, a new initiative allowing students to meet and enjoy free activities. The Hangout aims to provide a safe environment for children aged 11 to 16 and will offer a range of activities in Stanley throughout the summer. Read More