Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for a place in Sixth Form?

We invite applications from any student who will have completed year 11 and has the required GCSE levels.

What qualifications will I need to be offered a place?

To be allowed onto a Level 3 programme of study you will usually need the minimum of five Level 5 - 9 GCSE's (this should include Maths and English).  It depends on the course you wish to study.  We will take into account BTEC courses and GCSE results.  More information on individual subject requirements can be discussed with the subject tutors.

What if I am not sure whether to apply?

Applying does not give any commitment at this stage and you can withdraw later.  You can apply to as many colleges as you like.  Completing an early application allows the Sixth Form to look at the courses you wish to study and do our best to offer you this combination.

Will it be just like school?

NO! We are attached to the Pre-16 Academy but you will be treated like any other college student.  You will have a reduced number of lessons and will only be focussing on a few subjects.  You will have some lessons for private study at various times through the week so you can organise your own time.

How will I know if Sixth Form is right for me?

We offer all students who apply to us a unique chance to experience the Sixth Form.  You will spend up to five days in Sixth Form looking at the transition and the lessons you are interested in studying post 16.

Is there financial help available?

Yes, if you remain in education you may be entitled to a bursary.  If your family income is less that £25,000 per year you will receive help towards your studies. 

Why should I choose Sixth Form?

We are equipped with the latest training and dedicated Sixth Form team to deliver high quality teaching to all students.  We are confident that all our students will reach their agreed destination following a tailored programme of Information, Advice and Guidance.