Helping you make the right choice

All students considering Sixth Form can be part of a wide range of activities to support them in making the right decision.

We offer all potential students a Personalised Induction Programme.

In Key Stage 4, students will have several opportunities to find out more about the Sixth Form, some of which are:

  • Subject taster sessions
  • Visit the Sixth Form Centre
  • Meet the Sixth Form students
  • Attend Open Evenings
  • Coffee Evenings
  • Individual meetings with members of the Sixth Form team

If you are considering Sixth Form we would encourage you to contact the Sixth Form team for an appointment to help to discuss the range of opportunities that you could be involved in to help support your decision.

Following the completion of the GCSE examinations we offer all students who have completed an application form the opportunity to attend an Induction Week, during which all students will be given a clear package to help to prepare them for the start of Year 12.  This will involve attending subject sessions and completing induction activities prior to commencement of the course.  For some subjects successful completion of this work will form part of your acceptance on the course.

Updated Nov 2019