Revision and Intervention

Year 11 October Half Term Revision Schedule w/c 28/10/19

It is essential that all Year 11 students maximise their full potential this year and their attendance at these sessions would prove to be invaluable. 

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact your son/daughter's Year Manager.

Thanking you in anticipation for your continued support.


Intervention Sessions

In order to support students as they work towards their exams at the end of Year 11, we have introduced intervention sessions. This means that we would encourage students to think of their school day as running from 8:30am – 4:20pm each day. At 3:00pm, students will have the option to either;

  • attend support sessions ran by subject teachers 
  • work independently in the LRC

The aim of the intervention sessions is to enable students to have access to staff for more individualised support as well as encouraging them to develop their independence in preparing for their exams.

Please note – many additional sessions are held on an individual student need basis. Specific information regarding these sessions is communicated directly with the individual student.

Revision Guidance

Skills and Revision Tips

Revision and Exam Guidance

Useful Revision websites:


Romeo and Juliet Revision sites:

Animal Farm:

A Christmas Carol:

Writing Revision sites:

 (I make no apologies of the fact that the first two websites are aimed at KS2, this is what Year 6 have to do, YOU MUST get it right in Year 11!)

( I strongly recommend the above site.)


French & Spanish which will help with vocabulary acquisition (click Spanish then search NDA or Edexcel.  For French, search Edexcel). for learning vocabulary by topic (You must type Spanish or French in the search bar plus an area of interest). will help you with grammar and getting over problems with word order.

BBC Languages (La Vida Loca is a Spanish TV Series which is useful for vocabulary).  There are also French activities.

Edexcel website for advice and resources.

For a full list of revision sites for students learning Spanish please click here



Amazon Case Study

Earthquake in poor world - Haiti

Earthquake in rich world - Chilie



UK Extreme weather  - Beast from the East

Tropical Storm -Typhoon Haiyan

Western Desert


Coastal Management

River Management

Tourism Jamaica

Human Fieldwork

Physical Fieldwork


Food Technology - has a selection of revision, activities and tests for students.

Food Technology GCSE Revision by Ridgewell Press – app which has revision information and mini tests for students to test their knowledge.

Design and Technology

Food Technology by J Plimmer – app which has revision information for students to use.

Health & Social Care - a website with a variety of topics which provide questions to test knowledge.


For all GCSE & A Level students - all students already have logins.


Username: NDAMusic

Password: password

GCSE Bitesize pages

Religious Studies




B1 -

B2 -

B3 -

B4 -

B5 -

B5 -

B6 -





C4 -

C5 -

C6 -


P1 -

P2 -

P3 -

P4 -

P5 -

P6 -