Contact Details

If you are using a sat nav to find us please use the post code DH9 0DQ

North Durham Academy

High Street



t: 01207 292 180

e: [email protected]


General Enquires

If you have any general enquiries one of our Reception Team or alternatively please contact Mrs V Kirtley.

If you require paper copies of anything on our website please contact [email protected] .


Comments, Compliments and Complaints

Mrs C Connolly - Executive Support Officer.


Chair of the Governing Body

Mrs C Warren, c/o North Durham Academy, High Street, Stanley DH9 0TW


Child Protection:

During normal school hours, If you have any safeguarding concerns regarding students at North Durham Academy please contact Ms B Wheatley or Mr G Dawson.   

Out of hours please contact - First Contact Service 0845850501

Year Manager Contact Details:



Year 7

  Year Manager Ms L Liddle


t: 01207 292138 m: 07780431903


Year 8

  Year Manager
Mrs Graham [email protected] t: 01207 292194 m: 07780431895

Year 9


Year Manager


Miss Holliday e: [email protected] t: 01207 291159 m:07818505360

Year 10


Year Manager


Mrs Hindle e: [email protected] 01207 292192 m: 07780431905

Year 11


Year Manager


Mrs Luke e: [email protected] t: 01207 292195 m: 07780431891

Year 13

  Head of Sixth Form

Mr Thomas

e: [email protected]

t: 01207 292180



Member of staff



Leading Academic & Resilience in Learning and Independence in Learning

Mr A Bourne

e: [email protected]


Leading Data, Intervention and 1:1 Mentoring of Years 10 & 11

Miss K Clydesdale

e: [email protected]

Leading Student Voice and Peer Mentoring

Mrs K Hodge

e: [email protected]


Leading academic & social Aspects of transition – KS2 to 3, KS3 to 4, and KS4 to 5

Mr J Lee

e: [email protected]


Leading Enrichment, Pledges and Tutor programme

Mr Powley

e: [email protected]

Updated August 2020