• Reading 2017

Literacy and Numeracy

We place great importance on literacy and numeracy and both are integrated across the curriculum.

Our literacy tool ‘Building Blocks for Success’ is used to support literacy skills for reading, writing, speaking and listening in all subject areas. Every child in Year 7 and 8 receive a dedicated ‘Accelerated Reading’ lesson to explore a range of exciting and challenging books. All students are encouraged to read for pleasure and gain rewards through our ‘Reading Passport Scheme’. Each term we celebrate the success of our students through dedicated Literacy Reward Assemblies.

Numeracy is embedded within the whole curriculum. The maths department work closely with other departments to identify opportunities in schemes of learning and individual lessons to promote numeracy. This strategy enables students to experience numeracy in a range of different contexts. We also hold a weekly numeracy challenge to engage learners and offer lunch time maths clubs to improve students’ skills.