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Literacy and Numeracy

We place great importance on literacy and numeracy and both are integrated across the curriculum.

Literacy plays a fundamental role in our future successes: if our communication skills are strong, we are twice as likely to be employed than someone with weak literacy skills. Not only is our future career mapped out by our literacy, but also our mental health, as stronger literacy leads to a reduced risk of depression and higher rates of confidence.

As an Academy, our aim is to ensure that each individual student’s communication skills are nurtured and developed so they can speak, listen, read and write with confidence. Literacy strategies are rooted into every lesson across every department, with vocabulary acquisition and clarity of expression adopted by each teacher to encourage pupils to be developing experts in their subject. A programme named ‘Accelerated Reader’ is also embedded across the curriculum to enhance and enrich our pupils’ reading ability and enjoyment.

Literacy is the foundation of which we guide our pupils to build the best stepping stones towards a prosperous future.

Numeracy is embedded within the whole curriculum. The maths department work closely with other departments to identify opportunities in schemes of learning and individual lessons to promote numeracy. This strategy enables students to experience numeracy in a range of different contexts. We also hold a weekly numeracy challenge to engage learners and offer lunch time maths clubs to improve students’ skills.


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