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Vision and Mission

Our Mission

To provide outstanding learning and training for individuals and be recognised as a leading provider of Secondary Education. We have three core principles:  Inclusion, Progression and Excellence.


We are committed to every student and seek to realise each student’s potential, ability and talent.  We support each student by providing a personalised learning experience designed to ensure they are confident, happy and successful.  Our academy is a place where all are valued, shown respect and included.


We encourage and support students as they travel along their learning journey.  We offer effective guidance and advice to students and their families, allowing them to make informed choices for future study and employment.  We insist upon the highest academic standards and a commitment to learning from every student.  We offer new challenges and experiences, motivating each student to achieve their best.


We provide the highest quality teaching and learning for our students.  We provide strong leadership and effective support, so that your child will achieve their potential in academic disciplines, vocational skills and extra-curricular activity.