Student Voice

At North Durham Academy student voice and student leaders are invaluable. Students are offered a number of ways to share their views, raise concerns, improve the life of the school and participate in roles that allow their leadership skills to develop. Our aim is to make every student understand that their voice is heard and respected. Students are given many opportunities to become student leaders at North Durham Academy in a number of different roles:


Head Boy and Head Girl

At the start of the year, students put themselves forward for the position of Head Boy and head Girl to represent their year group.


They are appointed through a competitive application process involving an introduction during assemblies.  They represent the Academy's ethos of excellence and represent the Academy when required.


Year Councils


Each Year Council is made up of a number of student representatives who are responsible for raising any issues that concern their year group.  The results are discussed with the Head Boy and Girl and disseminated within the meetings with Year Councils.  Actions are raised in termly assemblies where appropriate.


The Student Council are also responsible for organising school and community event throughout the year to raise money and awareness of their yearly chosen charities.  This year the chosen charities are St Cuthbert's Hospice and If U Care Share Foundation.


Mental Health Ambassadors


Students elect themselves to represent this area of need in the Academy.  All students involved are trained by specialists in counselling techniques to support their peers.


Peer Mentoring


All Year 12 students are involved in a peer mentoring programme to support younger year groups with the transition into GCSE.


LGBTQ+ Ambassadors


An external group called Humankind are currently working with our current Year 10 Student Council reps to develop a monthly support and awareness forum for all students who may need access to this support.


Updated Nov 2019