Green Pathway

What is the Green Pathway ?

The Green Pathway provides an opportunity for pupils with additional needs to be taught in one classroom for most of their lessons. They are taught by a smaller range of teachers with most lessons being delivered by one classroom based teacher. They access mainstream Art, Music, Drama, ICT, PE, Science and Technology.

The Green Pathway offers:

  • Greater  access to adult intervention
  • Smaller class sizes
  • Opportunities for a bespoke timetable
  • Specialist teaching according to their academic or social needs
  • Differentiated curriculum matched to their needs
  • Opportunities for enrichment activities


Who can access the Green Pathway?

North Durham Academy has recognised the need for additional provision for pupils who have needs above and beyond the mainstream classroom setting. These pupils may have low academic attainment or additional emotional or behavioural needs.

Close transition with the primary school enables us to identify the pupils who would benefit from this pathway. Some pupils may already attend North Durham Academy but may need to access Green Pathway for a short period of time.

Currently we have a green pathway route in years 7 and 8. Pupils can access this pathway at any point throughout the year. This is usually determined through regular pastoral or achievement meetings in school.

Progress is closely monitored which enables us to make decisions about which route the pupil should be taking and how much additional support they may need.

What are the benefits of Green Pathway ?

"It's about getting extra help in your lessons and having extra time on your work. I'm trying to get my levels up. Everyone helps each other. No one in Green Pathway get bullied- no one at all"   Student comment.