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Rewards and Sanctions Pyramid

Vivo Miles

North Durham Academy operates a whole academy reward system known as ‘Vivo Miles’. Vivo Miles can be awarded by any member of staff (Teaching & support) to any student at any time. All staff are given a weekly allocation on Vivo points to allocate to students.

Reward stickers/postcards/certificates

In addition, all staff will use North Durham Academy stickers to reward students regularly. Most commonly these will be awarded in lessons and stuck into exercise books. These stickers are awarded to students for the following things:

  • Silver stickers for Achievement
  • Blue stickers for Progress
  • Purple stickers for Effort

When students receive five of the same stickers in a particular subject, an Academy postcard of the same colour will then be sent home.

When a student receives all three postcards in a given subject the Achievement Manager is informed so that a Bronze, Silver or Gold certificate can be presented in the next Achievement Assembly.