Getting to the Academy

Durham County Council has a duty to provide free home to school transport where there is a legal entitlement.

In County Durham pupils of compulsory school age can have free home to school transport to the nearest suitable Community and Voluntary Controlled school, Foundation school or Academy, if that school / Academy is more than two miles from the parental home using the shortest available walking route.

Where a school or Academy operates on 2 sites, the site the pupil will attend for the majority of the academic year for which transport is applied for will be the one used for the purpose of measurement of home to school/Academy transport. The Courts have defined an available route as one “along which a child accompanied as necessary can walk and walk with reasonable safety to school”

Extended Transport Policy

For secondary school aged children who receive free school meals or whose parents receive their maximum level of Working Tax Credit, free transport will be provided to one of the three nearest qualifying schools, if that school is more than two but less than six miles from the child’s home.

Measuring of routes

We use a Geographic Information System (GIS) to measure the shortest walking route. The shortest walking routes are measured from the nearest entrance to a house (e.g. front gate) or flats (e.g. front door of the main building) to the nearest school entrance.
More information can be obtained by visiting the County Council’s website or email:  or Tel: 0191 383 5500

Safe Walking Routes

Safe walking route between the Academy and South Moor, Holly Hill, Quaking Houses area.

Safe walking route between the Academy and Stanley town centre.

Safe walking route between the academy and East Stanley Primary School area.