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Welcome from the Director of School

As Director of School at North Durham Academy, I feel incredibly privileged to serve the community of Stanley and the surrounding area.

My objective is very clear - to ensure that North Durham Academy successfully tackles its current challenges head on and relentlessly focusses on improving a legacy of underachievement and which serves as a beacon of aspiration and pride for the local community. We strive to create an environment that inspires a love of learning and which develops well rounded young people who can make a positive contribution to their communities.

Having high expectations of the students is a critical element of what we do, and we seek to foster an ethos where the simple things are ‘done well’ to ensure that all children succeed, regardless of their personal circumstances. When barriers to success are identified, our dedicated staff team work tirelessly to remove them.

We are unapologetically elitist in our aspirations for the students, whether it be academically, in the arts or on the sporting field. Our students are quite rightly proud of their achievements and we are proud of them. However, we know that any success is built on hard work, and it is this understanding that inspires the work we are doing now and will continue to do in the future.

Dr G Ankers

Director of School & Curriculum