Our Staff

Executive Leadership Team

Heads of Curriculum Areas

Achievement Leaders and Year Managers

Teaching & Learning Staffing Structure

Corporate Services Staffing Structure


Executive Leadership Team

K Reynolds crop

Mr K Reynolds, MA

New College Durham Academies Trust Executive Principal


Dr G Ankers

Director of School & Curriculum

Mrs O'Keeffe

Mrs C O'Keeffe

Assistant Director of School

Mr Dawson

Mr G Dawson

Assistant Director of School


Heads of Curriculum Areas

P Creegan

Mr P Creegan - Head of English

Mrs Pallas Gill

Mrs R Pallas-Gill - Head of Technical & Vocational - NDA


Mr D Greenhalgh - Head of Science - NDA

Laura Foster 1

Miss L Foster - Head of Sport, Performing & Creative Arts


Mrs J Allan - Head of Culture and Languages

S Hall

Mr S Hall - Head of Maths

Mrs Youll

Mrs B Youll - Head of SEND - NDA

Mr Watson

Mr Watson - Head of Sixth Form - NDA


Achievement Leaders and Year Managers


Key Stage 3    


Year 7

Achievement Leader  Miss Gray e: h.gray@ndacademy.co.uk t: 01207 292 180
Year Manager Mrs Hindle e: j.hindle@ndacademy.co.uk t: 01207 292 192/07780431905

Year 8

Achievement Leader Mrs Coulson e: s.coulson@ndacademy.co.uk t: 01207 292 180
Year Manager Mr Murray e: s.murray@ndacademy.co.uk t: 01207 291 162 m: 07780431903

Key Stage 4


Year 9

Achievement Leader Mr Bourne e: a.bourne@ndacademy.co.uk t: 01207 292 180
Year Manager Mrs Graham e: a.graham@ndacademy.co.uk t: 01207 291 192 m: 07780431891

Year 10

Year Manager Miss Clydesdale  e: K.Clydesdale@ndacademy.co.uk t: 01207 292 186
Achievement Leader Mrs Luke  e: f.luke@ndacademy.co.uk t: 01207 292 186 m: 077818515360

Year 11

Achievement Leader Mrs Haynes e: T.Haynes@ndacademy.co.uk t: 012072921192
Year Manager Miss Colquhoun e: L.Colquhoun@ndacademy.co.uk  t: 012072921192 m: 07818505360

Key Stage 5

Head of Sixth Form Mr Watson e: b.watson@ndacademy.co.uk t: 01207 292 180
16+ Progress Leader Mrs Hole e: l.hole@ndacademy.co.uk t: 01207 291 176